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Other implementations

Registry Server

The Beacon registry server, hosted through the European Genome-Phenome Archive, monitors a number of implementations of the Beacon v2 protocol by various organisations actively involved in Beacon protocol development.

Example Implementations

Progenetix API

The Progenetix database and cancer genomic information resource contains genome profiles of more than 140000 individual cancer genome screening experiments, with the majority representing results from genomic copy number assessment studies. With its Beacon+ forward-looking test implementation, since 2016 Progenetix has been developing concepts for Beacon protocol extensions such as CNV query options or handover data delivery.


  • MongoDB backend
  • bycon Python-based full stack API / middleware (documentation here)
  • progenetix-web React based front-end (modular for Beacon instances as well as the whole Progenetix UI)

Cafe Variome

CNAG Beacon v2 API

Tips for New Implementers

Find below some tips to get you started:

  1. Start with a boolean beacon.
  2. List your available endpoints.
  3. Map the data from your DB to the Models .
  4. Handle the different types of filters and request parameters.
  5. Build a response following the Framework .