Term Description Type Properties Example Enum
sampleOriginDetail Tissue from which the sample was taken or sample origin matching the category set in 'sampleOriginType'. Value from Uber-anatomy ontology (UBERON) or BRENDA tissue / enzyme source (BTO), Ontology for Biomedical Investigations (OBI) or Cell Line Ontology (CLO), e.g. 'cerebellar vermis' (UBERON:0004720), 'HEK-293T cell' (BTO:0002181), 'nasopharyngeal swab specimen' (OBI:0002606), 'cerebrospinal fluid specimen' (OBI:0002502). object id, label [{"id": "UBERON:0000474", "label": "female reproductive system"}, {"id": "BTO:0002181", "label": "HEK-293T cell"}, {"id": "OBI:0002606", "label": "nasopharyngeal swab specimen"}] NA