Term Description Type Properties Example Enum
alternateBases Alternate bases for this variant (starting from start). * Accepted values: IUPAC codes for nucleotides (e.g. * N is a wildcard, that denotes the position of any base, and can beused as a standalone base of any type or within a partially knownsequence. As example, a query of ANNT the Ns can take take any form of[ACGT] and will match ANNT, ACNT, ACCT, ACGT ... and so forth. an empty value is used in the case of deletions with the maximally trimmed, deleted sequence being indicated in ReferenceBases Categorical variant queries, e.g. such not being represented through sequence & position, make use of the variantType parameter.* Either alternateBases or variantType is required.' string NA T, G, N, AG, NA