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Repository and Branch Organization

The development of Beacon code and documentation happens in the beacon-v2 repository.

Core branches


The main branch is the branch used for production, it reflects the last version that beacon v2 has reached by accomplishing the milestones that ga4gh has set for the beacon to be considered as a new version. It can only be committed by a PR from the develop branch and exceptionally by some hotfixes to correct errors spotted after its official deployment.


The develop branch is the branch used for development, it reflects the current state of the progress of development. It can be modified by all the PR from the feature branches that have been finished (this means that must include all the merges from the subfeature branches) and the PR must reach a consensus to be finally accepted.


This branch is used to maintain the website at The relevant files consists of anything under /docs as well as the configuration file (/mkdocs.yaml) and the workflow file for processing the pages under /.github/workflows/mk-beacon-docs.yaml.

Changes to the Markdown files in the /docs directory (and its children) will initiate the processing of the workflow file; updating of the website than may take some minutes.


The gh-pages branch is generated from the /docs directory through its mkdocs workflow and contains the website itself. Do not edit

Topic branches